Julie Hopkins || Graphic Designer + Authorpreneur

Me in Denali. With bear spray.

My knowledge of book design comes from a background in photography and design, a marketing degree from Columbia College Chicago, and the many, many hours experimenting with photoshop.

After college (and some random travels in California and Alaska), I starting working at a traditional independent publishing company in Asheville, North Carolina.

Being there and seeing books at all different stages of their publishing journey, from a pile of pages to a glossy masterpiece ready to hit the shelves, has taught me one important lesson. Never underestimate the power of a standout book cover. 

"Never underestimate the power of a standout book cover."

An eye-catching, professional book cover has a direct effect on that book's sales. I've seen it over and over. Yes, the rumors are true; People do judge a book by its cover. As a writer myself, I understand the importance of getting your book cover exactly the way you want it. I will work with you to find the essence of your story and turn it into a thrilling, beautiful or humorous visual design that will grab the attention of your readers.  

So that's me. Thanks for reading!

If you have questions, special project requests or just want to say, "Hey," email me through my contact page. Also, check out my FAQ page for more answers about Indie Book Cover Design. 

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