Thanks for being awesome! Don't miss out on a lifetime discount! by Julie Hopkins

Thank you to everyone who helped my little indie design company grow! Because of you, I'm now able to take my company to the next level by changing my prices to better align with the value I strive to bring to EVERY project work on! Starting Friday, June 30th, prices on custom covers, ads and premades will increase. Everyone who orders an Indie Book Cover Design project before the price increase will receive lifetime discounts on all future orders with Indie Book Cover Design. Keep creating! --Julie

Here's a FREE printable I created on Mindset Rituals for Successful Indie Authors by Julie Hopkins

So, I've recently moved into a freaking-awesome vacation rental in the mountains of western North Carolina. (I traded some marketing and design work for the ski resort I worked at last winter for a couple months living rent-free in one of their cabins. It's awesome.) 

Me chilling in my mountain sanctuary. Look at the nice, glorious kitchen in the background :)

Me chilling in my mountain sanctuary. Look at the nice, glorious kitchen in the background :)

During my months of solitude--it's basically a forty minute drive to get ANYWHERE--I've spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of mindset an indie author needs to have in order to succeed in this ever-changing publishing industry. 

How do you get over your fears and hit the publish button? How do you figure out how much time it takes to write a novel? How do you create structure in your entrepreneurial author adventure

I'm still learning and experimenting with new ways to make this crazy indie lifestyle work, but I have figured out a few things that will totally change the way you think about your writing career. 

I created a FREE printable workbook on how to get into the mindset of a successful indie author. Download it here!  Let me know what you think! Send me an email at or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!